If you are a keen app developer and you would like to boost the use of your application or the income you receive from them why not become a Zintra Partner?

  1. Write a Zintra plug-in for your app, it takes no time at all
  2. Advertise your newly configured app on our Catalog
  3. Enjoy growing sales
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If you are a creative solutions provider in the data management, web development or marketing sector then why not become a Zintra Partner?
Zintra will add real value for your clients

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  2. Create innovative solutions by combining apps and services
  3. Enjoy growing sales
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Become a Partner  -it’s a win-win

While Zintra will allow for many of the data-integration problems for its users -be they a one-(wo)man band or a large multinational corporation- to be resolved for a lot less money than they thought we will need you to help us achieve this -for all of us.

Zintra needs different types of partners

Application developers

To develop apps for the Zintra platform -or to adapt their existing apps so they can run with it. After all what is the use of a data-exchange and integration platform if there aren’t the apps to send data from one to the other? You help us to fill our app catalog with the good quality apps our users want and we’ll help you to earn more money from your work.

Custom software developers

You will also find there are many opportunities for using the Zintra platform as part of the solutions you offer your clients (another chunk of code you won’t need to write yourself) and even in ‘packaging’ your solutions for a wider use. You’ll save on development costs; you’ll be able to charge your clients more for offering them future-proof solutions and you will receive monthly returns on top of that.

Solutions providers

Solutions providers are just as important to us. As creative consultants in the fields of data management, IT-consultancy, web development or the marketing sector, you see the immense potential our platform offers your clients and you see the business sense for yourself in using it as imaginatively as possible. Apart from the financial benefits you will set yourself well apart from the competition.

Zintra subscribes to an open standard philosophy. If you do too, join us and help us to be the glue in your future-proof solutions.

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